Bosque Art Classic Gallery

Preview 2012

September 8-30, 2012

A Good Life - Long
Joy Kroeger Beckner

Merry Sunshine
Joy Kroeger Beckner

So Good to See You ML
Joy Kroeger Beckner

Wind and Fire
John Bennett

Joel Patrick Childress

Buffalo - Before Horse and Gun
Bob Coffee

johnie guest

Little Joe
Tim Harmon

The Finishing Touch
Chris Hunt

Badges of Honor
Stephen Jones

The Skeptic
Stephen Jones

In the Black
Greg Kelsey

Jicarilla Mustang
Greg Kelsey

Wolves, Eyes of the Crow
C. B. "Buck" Mahaney

Cactus Café
Jan Mapes

Closin' the Gap
Jan Mapes

Muy Cansado de Leña
Jan Mapes

Puttin' on Miles
Sharon McConnell

A Shoulder To Lean On
Vel Miller

The Ranch Mare
Vel Miller

Louise Peterson

Elmer Kelton Bust
Raul R. Ruiz

Mother and Child
Tyson Snow

The Final War Cry
Tyson Snow

Time of Waiting Moon
Tyson Snow

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