Board of Directors

The Bosque Arts Center's governing body is a 13 member Board of Directors: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and nine members-at-large. Three directors are elected at the annual meeting of the members of the Arts Center each year for a term of three years. The officers are elected for a one-year term. All directors must have been members of the Arts Center for at least one year prior to becoming a director.

Being a member of the Bosque Arts Center Board of Directors is an honor. In recent years the Board has concentrated on much-needed improvements to the building and grounds. The Art Center's restoration/renovation building project of 2005-06 created the beautiful atrium, along with a commercial kitchen, restrooms, and extended storage area.  More recently, the Board embarked on a restoration of the third floor auditorium, in addition to an expansion of the Tin Building Theatre area and the construction of a portico for the front entrance to the BAC.

Some sub-groups of the Arts Center also have a Board of Directors or other structured management system, each operating with its own guidelines. These guidelines must not conflict with the by-laws and operating policies of the Arts Center.

Bosque Arts Center Board of Directors

Leanne Donner- President
Linda Pfeiffer - President-Elect
Blake Holman - Treasurer
Jean Lewis Davis - Secretary

Judith Baker
Judi Boston
Sidney Carlisle
Nancy Harvard
Janet Jackson
Jan Kieta
John Linn
Linda Lowrance
Cheryll Lundberg
Barbara Moore
Virginia Richards

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