The first Tuesday of each month is the regular paint day in the Spieler Art Room at the Bosque Arts Center. During summer months the room is available on that day upon request for members who wish to use it if there are no other scheduled events.

Accomplished artists who like to paint with others can enjoy getting together to work. Newcomers to this area may find the club activities an excellent way to become acquainted and make new friends. Beginners can expect encouragement from others and can also take advantage of the demos and workshops by members and guest artists.

Aspiring artists in the area will find the Art Club's annual FallFest Show and Sale an excellent opportunity to show their work and get some exposure. The popular show is held in conjunction with Clifton's FallFest, always the third Saturday in October. The show is advertised in the surrounding areas. This year the show will be held in the gallery of the Bosque Arts Center and will remain there for two weeks

For people who don't paint but want to support the arts, membership in the club will entitle them to attend special programs that are offered through the year. Examples of these would be visits to other art galleries and tours of local artist's studios, as well as social events such as the Christmas party in December and the End of Year luncheon in June.

For more information or to join, call 254 675 3724 .

Activities For Bosque County Art Club

  • Club Members meet on the first Tuesday of each month in the Joan Spieler Art Room at 10:00 am. A second optional meeting is the third Tuesday of each month in the same room.  If Arts Center events prevent us from meeting in the room then another location will be selected and posted. During these meetings business for the club is discussed and the remainder of the day is used for painting or presentations. The Spieler Art Room is available upon request during the year to all Art Club Members.
  • Annual trips are planned during the year to scenic parks, Art Galleries or Artist's Studios.  These change yearly and are voted on during the Annual Meeting in June of each year.
  • During the year Art Club Members bring current work to the monthly meeting and vote on one favorite to display for the next four months.  This award is designated as our “Ace Award”.  The chosen recipient is also awarded a $25.00 check by the Club's Treasurer.
  • The June Meeting is our Annual Meeting which is usually held at a Restaurant whose location is determined at our May Meeting.  Installation of our Officers and any changes to policies or by-laws are done at this time.  This meeting is open to all existing and new members.
October 2016

Best of Show
Oil Bearer Samuel Shelton

 1st Oil Bearer Samuel Shelton
2nd Glory Samuel Shelton
3rd Big Brother Lillian Jacoway
Honorable Mention
Gladys Got Ready for the Dance Samuel Shelton
Vigil Pamela Eggebrecht
Busy Corner Catherine Link

 1st After the Rain Jo Ann Schulze
2nd Honeysuckle Sue Bandy
3rd Old Way Karen Wise
Honorable Mention
Mother’s Protection Ceceila Jenson
A Walk in the Texas Hill Country JoAnn Schulze
The Path Home JoAnn Schulze

 1st Magnolia Ann Patton
2nd Free Ride Karen Wise
3rd Leaders Lost Lillian Jacoway
Honorable Mention
Patio Flowers Winifred Giddens
Twins or Friends Ann Patton

Mixed Media
1st White Rose Angie Lilljedahl
2nd Going Home Lillian Jacoway
3rd Barbara’s Leaf Pamela Eggebrecht
Honorable Mention
Be Happy Angie Lilljedahl

1st Seer Lillian Jacoway
2nd Beauty in Bloom Clinton Stanford Jr.
3rd Ornamental Corn “Rainbow” Judith Baker

Dry Media, Black & White
1st Sharp Robert Link
2nd Leaf Bobbie Lee
3rd Ron Lillian Jacoway
Honorable Mention
Winter Soldier Robert Link

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