Books on the Bosque

Conference for Writers & Readers

November 9, 2024


2024 Writing Contest

Entry Deadline

SEPTEMBER 20, 2024


1.  Short Story: Short fiction with traditional literary elements

2. Narrative Nonfiction Essay:  Factual piece written in engaging, narrative style

3. Poetry – Rhymed/Unrhymed: Verse that observes the more traditional poetry conventions
or free verse style not bound by rhyme scheme, meter, etc.


The 3rd Annual Books on the Bosque Writing Contest will feature two divisions this year: an open division for entries from adults and a second division for high school ages.

Entries will be accepted July 20-September 20.

The contest is open to anyone in the US.

Submissions will be accepted via USPS mail or by email. 

See guidelines for full submission details.

Total cash prizes for each division to be announced. 

Last year, cash prizes totaled $3,000.


2023 Writing Contest Winners


Past Books on the Bosque Guests


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