Groups affiliated with the Bosque Arts Center

The Active Member Organizations, or “sub-groups” as they are sometimes called, make up the heart of the Art Center. Each group has a primary focus related to a certain area of the visual or performing arts. Most groups are composed of participants in the respective art form...artists. Other groups, such as the Art Council, are composed of those who appreciate and support various arts, but are largely non-artists.

Only a few groups existed in the early years of the organization, primarily the Art Club, the Theater Group (now known as the Tin Building Theatre), the short-lived Bosque Band, and the Auxiliary. In the mid-1980s the Art Council and the Photography Club were formed.

These groups formed the nucleus of the center for close to 20 years. Following a $2 million renovation and expansion of the facilities completed in 2006, the number of groups began to increase to its current number.

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