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Another visible branch of the Arts Center, the Photography Guild encourages and promotes the art of photography in Bosque County and beyond. The guild also serves as an outlet for the area’s many professional and amateur photographers. Each March, the club plays host to an annual judged photography competition for professionals, amateurs and students. Awards are presented in several categories, with the entries being displayed for a month at the Arts Center. The Photography Guild maintains its own permanent collection in the Photography Gallery, located on the second floor of the building. Featured there are rotating exhibits, winners from Viewpoint competitions, and special lectures and workshops on the art of photography.

The photography guild was founded in the mid-1980's. It serves as a venue to promote fine art photography. Members share their art work and experiences with other members. Sharing work is an excellent vehicle to improve one's photographic skills through critical review by ones peers. Technical information is freely exchanged to help fellow members become better photographers.

The organization offers the community a valuable resource for viewing photography. A permanent collection of photographs is on display on the second floor of the Arts Center. This collection represents photographs purchased by the Guild and personal favorites of current members.

Bosque County Photography Show (open to any Bosque County resident or Bosque Arts Center member) and the Bosque County Student Exhibit (open to all ages of students in Bosque County). In addition, special exhibits are arranged by the club throughout the year. It is a goal of the organization to sponsor several exhibits per year.

The club sponsors group outings to photograph sites in the area. Future programs are becoming organized as educational programs. Some examples of these programs include viewing video tapes of famous photographers, presentations by professional photographers as guest speakers, discussions and slide shows showing examples of well known photographers and their influences on fine art photography.


2019 Bosque County Photo Show

Note: There will only be a student division this year.

The Student Photo Competition is open to all students in Bosque County. 

Deadline:  March 27

The reception for the 2019 show has been set for Saturday, April 13, 2019.

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Great appreciation goes to the following award sponsors:

Bosque Student Photo Competition Sponsors

Gearench Inc.

Bosque County Photo Show Sponsors

First Security State Bank


Bosque County Student Photo Competition Winners

Gustavo Arveole

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade
1st - Knox Hillin
2nd - Jack Chaffins
3rd - Baine Hampe
Honorable Mention
Caleb Ketchum
Alie Lambert (2)
Zoey Nieto

3rd – 5th Grade
1st - Veronica Perez
2nd - Karson O’Hearn
3rd - Addison Thayer
Honorable Mention
Sarah Jean Boren
Karson O’Hearn
Kathy McNair
Veronica Perez

6th  – 8th Grade
1st - Elizabeth Scott
2nd - Abigail Ketchum
3rd - Elizabeth Scott
Honorable Mention
Abigail Ketchum
Elizabeth Scott

9th – 12th Grade
1st - Ilamae Beverly
2nd - Gustavo Arveole
3rd - Erin Thiele
Honorable Mention
Gustavo Arveole (2)
Ilamae Beverly (3)
Baylee Burt
Isabel Garza
Erin Thiele

Bosque County Photo Show Winners

Sandra Raney

Popular Choice
Brittany McLemore

Nature: Flora
1st - Linda Hauff
2nd - Sandra Raney
3rd - Linda Hauff
Honorable Mention
Linda Hauff
Cheryl Niemeier
Les Winchenbach (2)

Nature: Fauna
1st - Sandra Raney
2nd - Linda Hauff
3rd - Cheryl Niemeier
Honorable Mention
Vickie Mitchell (2)
Britney McLemore
Joyce Niemeier

Out on a Limb
1st - Sandra Ramey
2nd - Vickie Mitchell
3rd - Les Winchenbach
Honorable Mention
Travis Hampe
Ruth Taylor
Cheryl Niemeier
Sandra Raney

Trekking Thru Texas
1st - Richard Haas
2nd - Ruth Taylor
3rd - Sandra Raney
Honorable Mention
Ruth Taylor
Joyce Niemeier (3)

Dusk To Dawn
1st - Joyce Niemeier
2nd - David Sharp
3rd - Joyce Niemeier
Honorable Mention
Richard Haas (2)
Cheryl Niemeier
Travis Hampe

1st - Cheryl Niemeier
2nd - Sandra Raney
3rd - Ruth Taylor
Honorable Mention
Linda Hauff
David Sharp
Richard Haas
Cheryl Niemeier

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