Terry Cooke Hall

Terry Cooke Hall

Terry Cooke Hall is inspired by and in awe of the women she paints, who are primarily those she photographs--and often meets--at an annual event in south-central Montana.  These women carry on the centuries-old traditions of the Native Americans from the Plains and Northwestern U.S. tribes.  Her figures are set in an imaginary world of colorful winds or swirling skies, often backlit by an abstraction of the sun or moon. Her approach blends color, patterns, and textural elements, providing a unique contemporary twist. Her “imaginative realism” style is a look at her West viewed through the lens of 30 years of work in design and illustration.

Terry’s influence comes from childhood trips throughout Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California, forming strong memories of the Southwest in the 60s. During the mid-70s, Terry’s passion for art led her to numerous classes, workshops, and courses in graphic design and illustration.  She spent 15 years in the left-brain world of architects and engineers, then co-founded a commercial art business in San Diego County.  Since 2006, she has focused exclusively on developing a fine art career that has strong roots in California Impressionism.  She has been the recipient of several awards, winning the 2014 Artists’ Choice Award and 2015 Western Art Collector Awards of Excellence at the Cowgirl Up! Art from the Other Half of the West Art Show & Sale, and selected as the finalist in the 2017 BoldBrush Painting competition, to name a few. 

Terry lives in Bozeman, MT, with her husband Scott.  They have a grown daughter.  She is represented by galleries in Arizona, Oklahoma, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, including Tierney Fine Art and Cobalt Moose Art Studios in Bozeman.

Cool Moon RisingCool Moon Rising

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Outlier by Terry Cooke HallOutlier

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