2018 Photo Show Winners

POSTED: Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Congratulations to the winners of the BAC Photography Guild’s annual photo shows!

Great appreciation goes to the following award sponsors:

Bosque Student Photo Competition Sponsors

Gearench Inc.

Bosque County Photo Show Sponsor

First Security State Bank


Bosque County Photo Show Winners

Best Of Show - Charles Evans Award: Sandra Raney

Popular Choice Award: Brittany McLemore

Nature: Flora
1st - Linda Hauff
2nd - Sandra Raney
3rd - Linda Hauff
Honorable Mention
Linda Hauff
Cheryl Niemeier
Les Winchenbach (2)

Nature: Fauna
1st - Sandra Raney
2nd - Linda Hauff
3rd - Cheryl Niemeier
Honorable Mention
Vickie Mitchell (2)
Britney McLemore
Joyce Niemeier

Out on a Limb
1st - Sandra Ramey
2nd - Vickie Mitchell
3rd - Les Winchenbach
Honorable mention
Travis Hampe
Ruth Taylor
Cheryl Niemeier
Sandra Raney

Trekking Thru Texas
1st - Richard Haas
2nd - Ruth Taylor
3rd - Sandra Raney
Honorable Mention
Ruth Taylor
Joyce Niemeier (3)

Dusk To Dawn
1st - Joyce Niemeier
2nd - David Sharp
3rd - Joyce Niemeier
Honorable Mention
Richard Haas (2)
Cheryl Niemeier
Travis Hampe

1st - Cheryl Niemeier
2nd - Sandra Raney
3rd - Ruth Taylor
Honorable Mention
Linda Hauff
David Sharp
Richard Haas
Cheryl Niemeier

Student Photo Show Winners

Judge’s Choice: Gustavo Arveole

1st - Knox Hillin
2nd - Jack Chaffins
3rd - Baine Hampe
Honorable Mention 
Knox Hillin
Caleb Ketchum
Alie Lambert (2)
Zoey Nieto

3rd - 5th
1st - Veronica Perez
2nd - Karson O’Hearn
3rd - Addison Thayer
Honorable Mention
Sarah Jean Boren
Karson O’Hearn
Kathy McNair
Veronica Perez

1st - Elizabeth Scott
2nd - Abigail Ketchum
3rd - Elizabeth Scott
Honorable Mention
Abigail Ketchum
Elizabeth Scott

1st - Ilamae Beverly
2nd - Gustavo Arveole
3rd - Erin Thiele
Honorable Mention
Gustavo Arveole (2)
Ilamae Beverly (3)
Baylee Burt
Isabel Garza
Erin Thiele


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