Bosque Art Classic Gallery

Preview 2023

September 9-23, 2023

Rope Trick
Michael Archer

Misty Meadow
Tina Bohlman

Spring in the Valley
Tina Bohlman

George Boutwell

Where There's Smoke, There's Coffee
Karla Brady

The Weaver
Barbara Doberenz

Patiently Waiting
Brenda Driggers

Big Boxley Barn
Nancy Harkins

Heavenly Light
Nancy Harkins

The Sound of Hymns
Nancy Harkins

Hot Down Here, Cool Up There
J.R. Monks

Fly Over, USA
Reg Narmour

Seed and Grain
Reg Narmour

Telling Stories
Priscilla Patterson

The Old Black Mare and the Ugly Duckling
Ann Patton

The Iron Market
Duncan Porter

Approaching Fort Worth
Trish Poupard

Dogwood Dream
Trish Poupard

Georgetown Coffee House
E. M. Sutherland

Richie Vios

Father and Son
Richie Vios

Moonlight Grazing
Richie Vios

Exuberant Colors
Mary Wainwright

Road To Light
Mary Wainwright

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