BAC Honored by Tarleton's COLFA Award

POSTED: Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Receiving Purple Praise and Recognition

Bosque Arts Center recognized as exemplary institution at Tarleton College of Liberal and Fine Arts Inaugural Leadership Council Event Oct. 21

By initiating annual Community Awards, the Tarleton State University College of Liberal and Fine Arts wants to connect more with their communities. The awards recognize those “who represents that area of leadership and service we want to identify with,” and “that offer something significant to the quality of life.” The college wants to be a part of these organizations and individuals, which enhance the quality of life in their communities.

“With these inaugural awards it was important to recognize organizations and individuals that exemplify what we aspire our students to see,” COLFA Dean Eric Morrow said during the welcome reception of the 2022 Annual Leadership Council meeting in Stephenville Oct. 21.

The college recognized Bosque County’s Bosque Arts Center as one of those exemplary institutions, receiving the inaugural Tarleton College of Liberal and Fine Arts Creative Arts Award. During the awards ceremony, Morrow explained that the Bosque Arts Center has been an outstanding example of a community arts organization supplying art appreciation for over 40 years in a relatively small rural community.

“For 40 years they have this strong presence to provide the arts for the community and the region,” Morrow said.
Morrow who is a Clifton High School graduate and TSU Executive Director of Development Janice Horak recently toured the building and they were “just amazed; because this is an example of an organization that sustained itself, and offers so much to the community, and has been doing it for so long.”

“It serves as an example in our region of what potential we have with any organization, and the commitment of people to sustain it and t make it work,” Morrow said.

He went on to say the BAC is a community arts educational center, dedicated to the promotion and support of the performing and visual arts in Bosque and surrounding counties, housed in the historic former Lutheran College building. It attracts tourists, students and art patrons from around the state.

Bosque Arts Center Board President LeAnn Donner and Business Manager Paige Sibila came on stage to receive the beautiful crystal trophy. When accepting the award, Donner stressed that the BAC’s success is largely thanks to the board, staff, volunteers and art patrons that support the organization that was created thanks to Joan Spieler’s vision 40 years ago. Several Cowboy Artists of America like Martin Grelle, Bruce Greene and Tony Eubanks actively support the BAC. Thanks to ticket proceeds, donations, sponsors and grants the organization is able to balance a $400,000 yearly budget.

“I cannot start to explain to you the beauty of the art we have at the BAC,” Donner said, suggesting the audience plan a visit and see it for themselves.

Also present for the BAC were Art Council representative John Linn, BAC Board President-Elect Linda Pfeiffer, Program Director Deb Phinney, Stephenville Artist Kathy Tate and her husband Johnny. Tate has been closely connected to the BAC since 1995, entering and winning the BAC Art Classic, and also as student and as volunteer.

Another important goal of the evening was to communicate the COLFA’s departments and career paths and to stimulate networking between community organizations and the college. Morrow expressed the hope that internships and partnerships would grow from this event and as such guide the college forward with ideas and opportunities. The BAC representatives gladly took the opportunity to talk to college leaders and different department heads like Music, Performing Arts and Communication Studies. 

It now rests on the BAC Board to find a prominent display for the well-deserved, significant and esthetically beautiful award.

Leanne Donner and Paige Sibila receive the award

Bosque Arts Center group at the College of Liberal and Fine Arts community recognition event.Bosque Arts Center group at the College of Liberal and Fine Arts community recognition event.  Left to right: BAC board member John Linn, managing director Paige Sibila, BAC board president Leanne Donner, program director Deb Phinney, BAC board president-elect Linda Pfeiffer, and artist Kathy Tate and husband Johnny with COLFA Dean Eric Morrow.


-Article and photos courtesy of Chisholm Country / Simone Wichers-Voss

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