Tailgate Bingo

POSTED: Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Grab your coats, your blankets, your toddies, or whatever it takes to keep you warm and join us outside for Parking Lot Bingo on Tuesday evening, December 8, at 6:30. (Note the time change.)  Adam Willmann will be under the entrance awning calling Bingo to those gathered in the parking lot!  For those who need more space and want to set up their own Tailgate for Bingo, we have 12 parking spots in the “BINGO ZONE.”  This area provides optimum visibility and hearing for Bingo play.  Traffic cones will cordon off the area for those who need to pack in their lawn chairs, flashlights, tables, coolers, lanterns, food, generators/heaters, whatever you need to bring to be comfortable.  Bingo cards will be available for purchase on the sidewalk in front of the TBT building and a $500 jackpot could be waiting for you.  Parking spots are by reservation only.  There are currently only a few parking spots left. (Call the BAC at 254-675-3724 to reserve.) Regular parking will be outside of the designated BINGO ZONE. Bundle up and join us for an evening of fun!!  -DP

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