Art Council HS Student Art Show Winners

POSTED: Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Congratulations to the winners of the 17th Annual High School Student Art Show!

Best in Show

I Am the Storm by Madeline Chandler - Hico/11

I Am the Storm - Best in Show WinnerI Am the Storm


1st  - I Am the Storm by Madeline Chandler - Hico/11

2nd - Marvul by Andrew Cox - Whitney/11

3rd - Surreal Space Scene by Zander Yma - Clifton/12

Honorable Mention - Pastel Sky by Dominick Rico - Hico/12


1st  - King of Asguard by Grace Rickle - Hico/12

2nd - Carly Simon - You Probably think this Painting’s About You by Madeline Chandler - Hico/11

3rd - Robotic Runaway by Cody Ballinger - Whitney/10


1st  - Amare by Baileigh Tracey - Clifton/11

2nd - Emotions through Blue & Orange by Nevora Young - Whitney/9

3rd - Purple Butterfly by Alli McCreery - Whitney/10

Mixed Media

1st  - Blue Heeler by Shawntay Owens - Whitney/12

2nd - Headress of a Goddess by Ana Roque - Clifton/11

3rd  - Imperfect Cell by Wesley Stevens - Clifton/12

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